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ITC ActiveX Lineprinter

Here I would like to decribe the steps to use the ITC ActiveX lineprinter DLLs sucessfully.

The DLLs needed

First you need the developer library (I tested with 2.5, earlier versions may work too). You will find the necessary DLLs below the directory Intermec\Developer Library\Printing Resource Kit\Runtime. For my tests on a 730 with WM2003 (OS firmware 4.96/PSM4.06) I used the ones from "\Intermec\Developer Library\Printing Resource Kit\Runtime\WCE420\Pocket PC 2003\Armv4":


These DLLs must be copied to the Windows dir on the device and they MUST be registered

For Cab install there is a feature called self-registering and so I created a cab file with the DLLs and they will be installed and registered automatically. You can download the cab "HGO LinePrinter.cab" here, the cab also installs the html sample page and an sample of the essential wince.ini to device and the Start Menu of the device.

The C/C++ sample

Browsing below the "Printing Resource Kit" dir, you will find a sample called SampleCE (see Intermec\Developer Library\Printing Resource Kit\Examples\C++\ActiveX). A local copy of the source is here and a compiled ARM version is here. I recommend you run the SampleCE exe before you try the html sample.

Do not forget to have the right WinCe.ini in \Windows\Start Menu! The printer selection from inside the exe or the html MUST match an entry in this WinCe.ini! I did my tests with a BT connected (COM6) PB40.

C++ source

The WinCe.ini syntax is described in the help file Printing_Resource_Kit.CHM in your "Intermec\Developer Library\Printing Resource Kit\Documents" directory.

The HTML sample

I got a html sample and slighty modified it to match my WinCe.ini.

The html print function

If you press btn1 it will print to the printer defined as [Intermec PB20] inside WinCe.ini.

A sample WinCe.ini


last update 19. June 2007