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IE sample source code

I took the platform builder source code and a lot of time searching for all the missing stuff and get a working source code to compile an IE with eVC4. This is not a perfect working source, there may be side effects with these many defines to disable some of the features. The source here will compile to a fullscreen browser and taskbar is disabled. Actually the source will not show a window on PPC devices. But the WinCE one will work.

Bad 'news', the web browser control is normally not available on PocketPC devices. The control is an option in platform builder in contrast to PocketIE. If your device is a certified PocketPC, it will NOT include the web browser control!

To make a browser of your own for PocketPC, you can use the htmlView control. See http://www.codeguru.com/cpp/w-p/ce/controls/article.php/c6813/ for a sample.

Have fun